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Effortless Living is a mindset, an attitude in life. Flow, Balance & Happiness are a choice.

You want to be ZEN and become an effortless leader of your life?

Then you need to change your habits and your way of thinking.  


To help you lead an effortless successful life, I've developed a 6-steps process with proven results.


When people feel good about themselves, are fit, motivated, serene, engaged, and develop their full potential; they perform better, they inspire others, they are successful, grateful and happy. 

And that's when happiness becomes inspiring: because you feel good and leading the life you want (effortlessly), your environment gets inspired to follow your lead. 

With the right method - My 6-Steps Process for Effortless Leadership - you are suddenly on top of things! You manage everything with ease. You wake up with a smile, eager to start another day. You love what you do and do what you love. You are full of energy. You have excellent relationships and you inspire others. You are balanced and focused

Géraldine Chapelle

Effortless Leader of Your Life:

the 6-Steps Method 

for Successful Transformation

The right focus attitude

It all starts by choosing the right focus... 

Focus on what is essential. The rest is noise, distraction. You focus on the non-essential and you will be compromising all the time. Compromising on your priorities, your free time, your objective.

Personal Mission Statement

Who are you? What do you stand for? Where are you heading? Only the ones who truly know themselves, have clear goals and who take responsibility for their actions, become successful. Effortless living meaning knowing who you are and accepting the unpredictable flow of life.

Stick to the plan!

Once your objectives are clear, you need a plan of action. And that plan must be in congruence with the natural flow of life. 

Dare to go slow.

The tortoise wins from the hare... Every time!

Taking your time to understand, to sort things out in advance, saves you time.

Level up!

Today you are better than yesterday. Unlock your full potential. Thrive, get out of your comfort zone, grow & inspire!

Keep the balance.

Balance is everything. We can all find or achieve perfect balance. It's just a matter of discipline and prioritising. And understanding the underlying principles of balance. 

What People Say.

A few years ago I was not feeling good about myself. It was difficult to grasp certain things, to find my balance. Several coaches had already tried to help me, but it was only when I came into contact with Geraldine that I noticed a clear improvement. The tools she provides, the questions she asked. It all prompted me, under her guidance, to develop and feel better about myself. Years later I still benefit from Geraldine's coaching. I definitely recommend that you get to know Geraldine and see what she can do for you.

Dirk Devriendt


I came to Géraldine with a challenge related to my business. I have big ambitions, but I felt stuck and blocked by certain fears and stress factors. Mentally, I knew that I was on the right path, but inside me I felt blocked. 


During the coaching, Géraldine made me FEEL that I could handle this and that there was no reason to stress out. With her keen sensitivity, she pointed out certain things that I wasn't yet aware of. With her techniques, she really triggered a change inside me. After the coaching, I felt boosted, motivated, grounded. I knew exactly how to tackle my challenges and on where my focus needed to be. Today,  I can proudly say that I'm handling my challenge just fine!

An Sterken

Flowtastic / Feng Shui & More

Géraldine accompanied me during a very hectic and stressful part of my life. I was dealing with confusion, I felt out of balance and didn't know where I was heading. 

Her vision of things, how she confronts you with your own "reality", it was eye-opening. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to stand up for myself, choose for ME, find balance again and be happy. 

Lieve Plasqui

Program Manager Thomas More University College

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Géraldine Chapelle

Trainer & Coach

My passions: Self-development, Coaching, Equicoaching, Learning & Teaching, Eastern philosophies

My mission: Boost managers to the next level; turn you into an effortless leader of your life! 

My strengths: for every problem, I see or create a solution; I see what others don't see, I create opportunity, I confront people with what's not working and show them how to (re)gain flow and balance.

My stretch: I am a constant flow of ideas and thoughts, so that can be overwhelming to some. I can be confronting and direct, but I always speak from my heart.

What I love: my family, my horses, coaching, teaching/training, travel, study, LIFE ! 

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